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The Owyhee rooftop

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Over the past 100 or so years, The Owyhee Hotel has gone through a lot of changes. From the city's most opulent hotel to a slightly cheesy retro hangout, the hotel has always been a landmark. But with the announcement that, along with its reinvention as private apartments, offices and banquet rooms, the new Owyhee will reopen its rooftop bar, Boiseans have eagerly been planning their first visits. Tantalizingly soon, the public will be able to sip cocktails while overlooking the city's skyline and the Boise Foothills. Imagine: sultry summer evenings spent outside high above the streets, or winter escapes taking in the view from the cozy interior. Owners say the rooftop bar could open as soon as this fall, giving open-air drinkers something to pin their hopes on. Of course, you're not the only one who's excited, so plan on fighting for a spot at the bar. 1109 Main St., Boise, 208-343-4611,

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