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Boise Curb Cup

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It's weird. We still don't know for sure how many people attended the inaugural Boise Curb Cup last year: reports quote somewhere between 15,000 and 30,000 (organizers expected less than 1,000). That's a huge gap and one that would make planning for the next one daunting. But that didn't stop organizer Mark Rivers from doing it all over again this year and making it even bigger. On Aug. 29, the rain stopped and the clouds parted as hundreds of performers and thousands of spectators descended on downtown Boise like a mob of brides-to-be at a Vera Wang 70-percent-off sale. Music, performers, dogs, strollers, chatter and laughter filled BODO, the Grove and Eighth Street for three hours straight, after which the Summerwind Skippers walked away with a $1,000 prize and the big silver Curb Cup. And even if reports come back listing this year's attendees at somewhere between eleventeen and dodecahundred, you can bet it will happen all over again next year.

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