Best Mediterranean Food

Mazzah Mediterranean Grill

This year marks the ninth in a row Mazzah has taken first in Best Local Mediterranean Food. One more and we'll have to add a little "10" next its entry, which would be apt in more ways than one. Best of Boise voters certainly give Mazzah a "10" for its vast menu of Mediterranean and Near East favorites like baba ghanouj, dolma, falafel and shish kabob. Having two locations (one on State Street and the other on Parkcenter Boulevard) means more Mazzah to go around.

2nd Place: Sofia's Greek Bistro—With melt in your mouth dolmades, souvlaki to slaver over and homemade baklava, Sofia's Greek Bistro is a gem in the Boise food world. Taste the house specialty Hippie Dippie sauce and you'll be immediately hooked. Beyond traditional Greek fare, check out the Hellenic-inspired burger selection and, for that truly authentic experience, grab a grip of loved ones and dine family style.

3rd Place: Romio's Greek and Italian Restaurant—The folks at Romio's Greek and Italian Restaurant offer everything from gyros and dolmades to pasta, pizza and calzone. If you're looking for a taste that spans the Old World of the Mediterranean Basin, from the peaks of Mount Olympus to the Appian Way.

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