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BW hangs its head in shame, hides its tail between its legs and says one big fat "We're sorry" to Josh Ritter

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D'oh! One more time ... d'oh! In our last Best of Boise issue, one of our own struck out alone and personally insulted a musician we all really, really like. It wasn't very nice. (And the really stupid thing is that the writer of that little blurb—who poked fun at himself in the same blurb for the same thing—admits to totally digging the Idaho singer/songwriter.) Because it would be adding insult to injury to rehash it all here, suffice it to say that we owe Josh Ritter a big fat, "We're sorry." It was a bad joke. Maybe he'll forgive us if we spill the beans and tell him that at least two BW staffers totally have a musician crush on him?

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