Best Match Made in Animal Heaven

Eddie's Dogs and Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt

Editors' Picks

Somebody loves the idea of the choose-your-own-food adventure on Apple Street. First there was Blue Cow Frozen Yogurt. Fill the one-size-fits-all container with as many flavors as you want. Then head to the topping bar and load up on one topping or all. One chunk of cookie dough and extra strawberries? Whatever you want. Pay by the ounce, not the flavor, not the scoop. Loves it. Then came Eddie's Dogs. Pick a meat. It gets the smoke-fire treatment while you decide what to smother it with. We'd need our long-lost algebra skills to figure out all the possible combinations of dogs, toppings, yogurt and more toppings, but simply put: It's enough to please the whole famn damily.

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