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Otter loses Cuban potato contract to North Dakota

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After all that fuss over Otter's trip to Cuba to talk about selling Idaho products to those dirty communists, he got the rug yanked out from under us by some wily North Dakotans.

After they took a junket to Cuba of their own, a group of North Dakota agricultural leaders walked away with a deal that dwarfed the symbolic victories of Otter's trip. That state is now finalizing a deal to sell 100 tons of North Dakota potatoes to Cuba. That's not all.

According to the North Dakota state agriculture department, the Cuban government is expected to sign an agreement to purchase 10,000 tons of North Dakota hard spring wheat. And they were in negotiations to sell soybean products, barley malt and lentils, too. So somebody tell us again what the heck Otter was doing out there?

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