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Southwestern Idaho is increasingly being recognized as a high-quality wine region, thanks to spots like Cinder Winery in Garden City. Cinder brings to the table (or the picnic, or the party) a deep love and knowledge of the Treasure Valley that can be tasted in every delicious sip.

2nd Place: Ste. Chapelle—The Ste. Chapelle vineyard near Caldwell overlooks the pastoral Snake River Valley, and the nearby rolling hills, neat rows of grapevines and small farms could be mistaken for Tuscany. That isn't by accident: Southwestern Idaho is a nearly perfect place to grow wine grapes, as the folks at Ste. Chapelle—and Best of Boise voters—know.

3rd Place: Indian Creek—The Stowe family literally has deep roots in Idaho. The Stowes have been growing grapes near Kuna since 1982, producing some of the most popular wines in town and garnering favorable reviews from papers as far away as the Chicago Tribune. Boise voters gave the winery another nod this year.

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