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We'll pat ourselves on the back later, but first, we'd like to recognize the runner-up: Admittedly, though we do love ourselves some Zeppole at BWHQ, we prefer to indulge in the pleasures of baked goods in the flesh rather than substitute a fix of food sin with mere photos on the 'net. When we counted the winners, none of us in the editorial pit could remember having been to Zeppole's Web site. We'd venture to guess the same of the public at large, and folks, let that be a lesson for next year's Best of Boise: never underestimate the power of a good campaign. Just look at our win in this category--we make you vote on our site, and when you go to vote for "best Web site," is in the forefront of your mind and thus your choice. Subtle, yes, very subtle, we are. Seriously, though, we're stoked about our new Web site, too. Thanks for the props.

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