Best Local Weatherperson

Scott Dorval, KIVI Channel 6

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A millennia ago, Scott Dorval probably would have been stoned by a mob of angry villagers, because that's how you dealt with practitioners of the dark arts. How else could you explain his uncanny ability to predict the weather? It's a trait Boise Weekly readers have noticed, awarding Dorval the title of Best Local Weatherperson for the last six years. Of course, we're guessing that these days, his tools of prognostication are more along the lines of computerized weather models and satellite imaging than chicken entrails and incantations invoking the spirits of the dead. However he does it, we're not arguing with the results--dare we say, they seem almost magical?

Second Place: Larry Gebert, KTVB Channel 7,

Third Place: Rick Lantz, KTVB Channel 7,

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