Best Local Vegetarian Food

Wild Root

Because dietary restrictions shouldn't be a barrier to good food, the powerhouse chefs behind Wild Root go out of their way to craft drool-worthy options for vegans and vegetarians as well as run of the mill omnivores—every entree looks like an art piece, and vegetables (so fresh they could have just been pulled) are the focal point. If there isn't time to make it there in person, follow the restaurant on Facebook and Instagram for a daily dose of food porn.

2nd Place: Mai Thai—Anyone who has traveled outside of North America can attest to the fact that most other regions are much less obsessed with meat; in Asia, for example, meat is often seen as a condiment rather than a main dish. Thanks to its authentic roots, Mai Thai offers a wide variety of vegetable, nut and tofu-centric dishes to tickle a vegetarian's fancy.

3rd Place: Shangri-La Tea Room and Vegetarian Restaurant—Every single thing on the menu at Shangri-La is vegetarian, vegan, raw, gluten free or some combination of the four. The veggie burger is a standbout, and the quiet, peaceful atmosphere encourages savoring every bite.

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