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@wendiegoneferal (aka Wendie Green)

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As of Best of Boise's press time, @wendiegoneferal, AKA Wendie Green beyond the Twitterverse, had sent 7,421 tweets to 457 followers since she was first born unto the Twitter world. By comparison, second place Twits @bethanyxoxo and @urban_lindsay have 282 and 1,313 followers respectively. So what makes @wendiegoneferal so damn popular that she's walking away with the Twitter-colored Best of Boise sash? Maybe it's something in all those updates. Here are a few samples: "Are choads like zombies? Will they take me over if I let my guard down?" "Mullet sighting. I didn't know your mom was in town." "Dear leftover blimpie sandwich from yesterday. You are not as delicious as I had hoped." "So you know. When you see me with my water bottle, it's not water."

Second Place: Tie: @bethanyxoxo (aka Bethany Biegert) and @Urban_Lindsay (aka Lindsay Dofelmier)

Third Place: @BoiseWeekly

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