Best Local TV Anchor

Maggie O'Mara, KTVB Channel 7

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In the world of Boise television journalism there is just one champ—and the girl dominates her competitors.

For the third year running, the people of Boise have voted Channel 7 morning anchor Maggie O'Mara as the top local television personality. She may not be the marquee anchor on the valley's most dominant network, but that hasn't stopped her from endearing herself to viewers during her 10-year career in Boise.

Maybe it's because she's the first face we see in the morning who utters coherent statements. Maybe it's just because she's so damned likable. Maybe it's because she can pronounce every weird Idaho name without a stutter and actually knows the people she's reporting on.

Nothing like local knowledge. Whatever it is, long live the champ.

Second Place: Dee Sarton, KTVB Channel 7

Third Place: Carolyn Holly, KTVB Channel 7

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