Best Local TV Anchor

Dee Sarton, KTVB Channel 7

Readers' Picks

If there's any question about who rules Boise's airwaves, this should settle it. For the second year running, Dee Sarton has grabbed the title she first started laying claim to more than a decade ago. Upon review of some of the original Best of Boise results, we found Sarton has come out on top of the reader poll more often than not. Her dominance seems absolute, except for an occasional incursion by one of her co-workers. For the past 24 years, Sarton has ruled the roost at KTVB, serving as the face of Boise news for a generation of locals. While members of her news team have challenged her title over the years, Sarton doesn't seem to be backing down in the least. She dominates her kingdom from behind the anchor desk, and it just might take an all-out coup to take her title. For the time being, she remains No. 1 in a growlingly cut-throat broadcast news market.

Second Place: Maggie O'Mara

Third Place: Carolyn Holly

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