Best Local Toy Store


Toys used to be just for kids, but of late, they've been gaining traction with adults as people rediscover the power of play. Located on Eagle Road, Toytown has one of the largest selections of toys for kids in Idaho, including a massive collection of educational toys and games to spur kids' imaginations; but it's also a Treasure Valley hot spot for games for adults, from the massively popular Settlers of Catan to elusive titles and difficult, multi-player experiences.

2nd Place: All About Games—Between its two locations, All About Games has Boise covered—in more ways than one. Its cubbyhole location on Eighth Street is perfect for picking up toys, games and gifts on the fly, but it keeps its galaxy-class selection of board games, miniatures, RPGs and much, much more at its spot on Overland Road, where it also hosts tournaments, meet-ups and free-play events.

3rd Place: G. Willikers—Hyde Park is the charm station of the already charming North End neighborhood. G. Willikers Toy Merchant, situated (brilliantly) beside Goody's candy store, is where the toy trains come to a stop. Full of knick-knacks, dolls, stuffed toys and other treats, G Willikers is a perfect place to drop by with children.

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