Best Local Teahouse

Snake River Tea

In 2015, Snake River Tea was one of a handful of new teahouses in Boise. Its ascent to the top of the list was rapid, in part because Snake River Tea uses technology along with tradition to deliver a great product: It's home to Steampunk 4.1, a self-cleaning, four-cylinder water boiler and steeping unit, of which there are only a few in the world.

2nd Place: Shangri-La Tea Room and Vegetarian Restaurant—It's telling one of Boise's hotspots of vegetarian cuisine put "tea room" first. With a massive selection of teas, ranging from the soothing and somatic to brews that could best be described as "rocket sauce" or "plasma from a transwarp coil," Shangri-La has something for tea novices and enthusiasts alike.

3rd Place: Joyful Tea—In September 2015, a two-alarm fire at the Boise International Market reduced the small business incubator—many of them owned by refugees—to rubble, but it didn't take long for Joyful Tea to get back on its feet. Owners Karen and Terry Hathaway regrouped at a new location on Glenwood, and have been running one of Boise's most popular teahouses ever since.

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