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Inkvision Tattoo

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Unless it is hung in a well-visited museum, a visual artist's work is often only viewed by the people who own it. But for a tattoo artist, if his or her work is on a famous, oft-photographed person, it's possible that millions will eyeball it. Even on a not-so-famous man or woman, hundreds of eyes may pass over the artist's vision. And even if you are the only one who will ever see your tattoo, you will probably be carrying it with you for the rest of your life. It better be good and you better love it. If you're going to trust your skin to someone, trust it to an artist like those at Inkvision. You can be secure in knowing that whether the piece is in a private place that only you or those special someone(s) will see or it graces the whole of your face for the world to witness, it will be beautifully and professionally executed.

Second Place: A Mind's Eye Tattoo

Third Place: Chalice Tattoo

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