Best Local Tater Tots

Westside Drive-In

Tots are hashbrowns in pill form. Or are they? In Idaho, "gems" are a refined way of ensuring butter and grease get into every cranny of the potato, cooking it to a golden brown. That's how they do it at Westside Drive-In, earning them gold in the inaugural Best Local Tater Tots category.

2nd Place: Hawkins Pac-Out—This Highlands institution is the favorite of people coming home from a long day at Bogus Basin or Boise High students coming home from school. Presided over by the joint's mascot, "Herby"—a smiling hamburger with swollen biceps—are some of the most precious gems in town.

3rd Place: Boise Fry Company—If Idaho is the Potato State, Boise Fry Company should be a government agency. At its three Treasure Valley locations, you can snag your tots—OK, "Po' Balls"—made from one of six kinds of spud.

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