Best Local Sushi

Shige Japanese Cuisine

If it isn't already on your radar for claiming top-three status in Best Local Japanese and Best Local Poke, perhaps the sushi at Shige will set some lights to blinking. This downtown hotspot boasts an extensive raw and rolled fish menu, it's also the docking point for a $43 sushi boat that is as beautifully presented as it is delicious.

2nd Place: Sakana Sushi—Diners at Sakana can choose from an extensive menu of rolls prepared right in front of them at a spotless sushi bar. On Mondays and Tuesdays a limited $1 menu is available, and funky rolls featuring ingredients like salmon skin and sweet potato are available all week.

3rd Place: Fujiyama—Sushi lovers who think presentation is as integral as flavor will find their happy place at Fujiyama, which prides itself on the most artfully arranged and decorated hand rolls in the Treasure Valley.

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