Best Local Sushi

Shige Japanese Cuisine

Since 1992, Shige Matsuzawa has run Shige Japanese Cuisine, and his knife has prepared many a fish for waiting Boise customers, surely upsetting the Sea God. For over a decade, though, Shige's has been one of Boise's most popular sushi joints, racking up more than 10 consecutive Best of Boise wins for its solid handle on classic dishes and inventive specials.

2nd Place: Sakana Sushi Bar and Grill—Combining elegant presentation with the sometimes funky, sometimes light flavors of the ocean, Sakana, with its two Boise locations, has a command of both flavor and form.

3rd Place: Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar—Mai Thai has taken a different route with "Asian Fusion," mixing the flavors of the Far East without Americanizing it into oblivion. The result is a bright menu of favorites, including sushi Boiseans say they love.

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