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With enough of his own eateries to be considered a chain, Shige Matsuzawa knows sushi, which is why it makes sense his flagship restaurant is a repeat winner. Eating there isn't for people on the go, though--that kind of craftsmanship takes time. Shige Express, however, is precisely the place to go when a sushi craving and a packed schedule are fighting for your attention. At Shige Express, you won't have the standard table-all-to-yourself experience. At the downtown restaurant adjacent to two other locations in the Matsuzawa empire, customers sit shoulder-to-shoulder, all seated around the itamae--sushi chef--as he delicately wraps pieces of fish in rice and seaweed. For 22 years, Matsuzawa has pushed customers out of their Japanese cuisine comfort zones and his restaurant has dominated the Best of Boise sushi category since 2006.

2nd Place: Superb Sushi,

3rd Place: Fujiyama,

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