Best Local Strip Club

Tie: Spearmint Rhino and The Torch

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It's all tied up in the Best Local Strip Club category, which means we're at least in some sort of legal compliance when it comes to the dress code requirement for the establishments' employees—tied up, not hanging out. Sheesh, we should call this the best misnamed category. OK, down to business then. Spearmint Rhino may be a chain strip club (so many jokes, so little space), but it is solely responsible for bringing a little class to the bikini bar scene in Boise. With its plush interior, gussied up bartenders and upper-crust feel, if they didn't have dancers, one could almost mistake the club for a posh restaurant. The Torch, on the other hand, is an institution in Boise. (Of course, we need not mention that before bikinis, it was fingersteaks that were responsible for its notoriety.) It may be dark and a little seedy-looking on the inside, but the dancers are reportedly the most entertaining in town. Not that we'd know (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Second Place: The Torch 2

Third Place: Night Moves

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