Best Local Strip Club

The Torch

On its website, The Torch promises "the most beautiful women, the most enjoyable atmosphere and the friendliest staff in the state." Considering that The Torch keeps taking the top spot in this category, it clearly delivers. The Torch has Boiseans covered (and the girls uncovered) seven days a week, with everything from M.I.L.F. Mondays to the always popular S.I.N. Sundays, where it's better to ask for forgiveness than permission and enjoy the two-for-$30 private dance deal in the black-tiled champagne shower room.

2nd Place: Satin Dolls—If Facebook and Yelp reviewers were writing this nod to Satin Dolls, they might wax on about how beautiful, talkative and friendly the performers are. We would, too.

3rd Place: The Torch 2—Though it has its own well-defined identity, this little sister of The Torch also has all the goodness of its older sibling. It just confirms that if something ain't broke, don't fix it.

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