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Someday, technology will progress to the point where you can open your fridge and every item you could possibly want from Boise Co-op is inside. Like fresh, locally made tomatillo salsa or almond-stuffed green olives or lemon meringue gelato. The future holds such sublime gluttonous promise. But until then, you still have to fight mercilessly for a parking spot, lug in your arsenal of re-usable tote bags and write each bin code number on your bulk food goods. Yes, it'll seem like a damn lot of work when you look back from the future, sitting on your sleek, minimalist couch, gnawing whimsically on whatever delicacy you've just pulled from the fridge. But think about it this way: It'll be a damn lot of delicious work. And the future can't be that far off, right?

Second Place: Dragonfly

Third Place: Rediscovered Bookshop

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