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No, you're not seeing things: The entire Treasure Valley has a distinct blue-and-orange cast to it these days. It doesn't matter if you're an alumnus or not, Boise State has somehow become everyone's alma mater--or at least their other alma mater. When Bronco game day comes around, get out of the way. The hordes of jersey-clad fans headed to the heart of Boise resemble a herd of stampeding wildebeest with little Broncos flags stuck to their cars rather than horns. They scoop up anything with a Broncos logo on it, be it cushioned seat pads, beer cozies or plush toys. They are obsessed. And what happens when it's not football season? No worries, there are the libraries of DVDs chronicling the entire history of Bronco football to wile away the days until, once again, everybody's favorite team takes the blue turf. What else can we say, but Go Broncos!

Second Place: Boise Hawks

Third Place: Idaho Steelheads

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