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Boise State Broncos

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Boise is in the midst of an epidemic. It's one in which sufferers find themselves inexplicably drawn downtown on fall weekends, attempt to park their cars in any space larger than 1-square-foot, and follow massive hordes into a giant bowl-shaped structure (they are even occasionally known to park RVs near the same bowl-shaped structure days in advance of the planned gathering). Their skin has been known to turn unnatural shades of blue and orange, and some researchers have even observed victims doing this to themselves. Other signs of what is being called Bronco Fever include: displaying small flags from the back windows of cars, wearing sports jerseys when not participating in any sport and randomly yelling "Go Broncos!" at awkward moments. Victims are also known to drop some serious cash whenever they are in the vicinity of any Bronco team shop. While there is no cure, we have heard that symptoms do subside after football season, although once infected, the symptoms seem to return each fall.

Second Place: Idaho Steelheads

Third Place: Boise Burn

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