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Cheerleaders Sports Grill

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With its high ceilings and tall windows, Cheerleaders lacks the wood-paneled, memorabilia-filled obscurity of your traditional sports bar. In fact, its interior looks like a reclaimed Best Buy with a bunch of the biggest TVs left behind, mounted to the walls. Like second- and third-place in the Sports Bar category--Crescent No Lawyers Bar and Grill, and Ram, respectively--Cheerleaders has a standard selection of beer, but it's in the menu that this particular sports bar, which is right across Capitol Boulevard from Boise State University, really shines. With an innovative burger and sandwich selection, and piles of french fries and buffalo chips to go with them Cheerleaders is where local sports fans are catching games in 2014.

2nd Place: Crescent No Lawyers Bar and Grill,

3rd Place: Ram Restaurant and Brewery,

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