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Hannifin's Cigar Shop

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Hannifin's is the kind of cigar shop you would shoot a movie about cigar shops in. From its weathered brick exterior, to its the old glass doors and battered wood floors, Hannifin's is about as old Boise as it gets. Established in 1904, but doing business at its current location since 1908, it has served customers in the tens of thousands--either queuing up to buy smokes or just dropping by to puff away and B.S. in its dimly lit coziness. Rumors and lore surrounding its 104 years of business at 11th and Main streets abound: from speculation that its basement is connected to the old network of Chinese tunnels, to the ghost of a murderer who supposedly haunts its bathroom. When it comes to history, Hannifin's definitely isn't just blowing smoke. 1024 W. Main St., Boise, 208-342-7473

Second Place: Sturman's Smoke Shop

Third Place: Big Smoke

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