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Greenwood's Ski Haus

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Greenwood's Ski Haus is one of Boise's few winter institutions. For more than 50 years, the Haus has been keeping skiers flying down the slopes with the latest and greatest equipment and gear. In the process, it's earned some serious customer loyalty. It would have to in order to stay at the top of Boise's ski scene for so many decades. Skiers know their way there by instinct even if they don't know its name. Just consider the variety of names it was given on our Best of Boise voting ballot: Greenleaf's, Greenhaus, Wood Haus ... you get the idea. Still, whatever you call it, it's where Boise skiers go when they want to shred some serious sick-gnar pow pow.

Second Place: McU Sports

Third Place: Idaho Mountain Touring

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