Best Local Singer

Rebecca Scott, Rebecca Scott Band

Readers' Picks

To be sung to the tune of your favorite ditty:

"Who do you think is the best local singer in town / I-i-i-it's Rebecca."

"Who takes first place each year hands down? / I-i-i-it's Rebecca."

"We asked, 'Who's the best?' / And the readers' response? / 'Rebecca Scott! Rebecca Scott!' / They cried without nonchalance."

"Her skill with a guitar and the way that she sings / are beautiful and lovely and worthy of kings."

"Who wins Best Local Singer year after year? / I-i-i-it's Rebecca."

"Who is like having our own Ani DiFranco around here? / I-i-i-it's Rebecca."

"Rebecca Scott / Rebecca Scott / R-E-B-E-C-C-A S-C-O-T-T / Rebecca!"

Second place: Thomas Paul

Third place: Curtis Stigers

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