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There is a distinct moment upon entering Dillard's when nearly every woman (and a few men) make a dead stop directly in front of the shoe department to quite literally catch their breath. So many shoes, so little time. They're all there before you, laid out like a beautiful, leathery rainbow. There are the dainty, strappy ones with long slender heels. There are the adorable little ballet flats, the sassy mary jane-inspired heels and the classic pumps. There are the high-tech, performance-engineered athletic shoes and the rough and ready outdoor shoes. There are the sleek European walking shoes and the attention-grabbing knee-high boots. There are even the teen-angst favorite Doc Martens and the ever-trendy Crocs—which now come in a winter version that looks like what happens when a Croc and an Ugg mate. Ah, shoes, beautiful shoes, and no store in Boise has as many of them as Dillard's. Yes, it's a chain, but we cannot resist the sway the shoe gods have over us. Who would want to even try?

Second Place: Shoez

Third Place: Bandanna Running and Walking

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