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Shu's Idaho Running Company

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If the results in this category aren't indicative of Boise's collective priorities, we don't know what is. Running shoes before a sweet pair of polka dot wedges. It's true, though. Give Boise its Tevas, Keens and Vasques, and all is well. So just what sets Shu's apart from other athletic shoe stores of its kind? Maybe the fact that it's been around eons. Or maybe the fact that it's so involved in the running community in Boise it virtually is the running community. Still thinking about running rather than getting serious? Start at Shu's, where you can get a "perfect fit" with a 3D footprint so that whether you overpronate, underpronate or pronate just right, you get the right shoe for your stubs.

Second Place: Shoe Fetish

Third Place: Bandana Running and Walking

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