Best Local Service

Bittercreek Alehouse

Nobody wants to wait 20 minutes for a beer or to sit at a dirty table. The folks at Bittercreek know this—that's why this jewel of Eighth Street has been around so long. Attentive, effective service has helped make it one of the best hangouts in town.

2nd Place: Mai Thai Restaurant and Bar—A knowledgeable wait staff is a wait staff that keeps customers coming back. Mai Thai keeps its servers in the loop about specials and its fabulous menu options, so when you're in a pickle about whether to go with the duck or the noodles, your guide's there to help.

3rd Place: Boise Co-op—It means something when people talk about a grocery store the way they talk about restaurants. At the Boise Co-op, it's about more than what item can be found in what aisle, or how fast they can whip up a chicken salad sandwich in the deli, and the care shows.

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