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Keen shoppers alike have spoken. It is Lux that they lust for with the evolving inventory, good location and above-average fashions. Shopping at a secondhand/thrift store can have terrible results. It's seems like such a sweet deal to get a 1950's men's wool houndstooth blazer with pink silk lining for a quarter, but when after repeated washings and trips to the drycleaner it still reeks of stale sweat, you're wishing you'd just saved the damned quarter. You will never find torn, stained or smelly clothes at Lux. They have really high standards for what they'll accept for consignment, selling only high-quality used clothes and shoes and even carry a selection of new items, including awesome, totally tubular accessories. Not to discriminate, Lux has fashions for the menfolk too, and a Vintage store within close proximity.

Second Place: Idaho Youth Ranch

Third Place: Trading Places

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