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Idaho Youth Ranch

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We think a conspiracy is afoot at the Idaho Youth Ranch, but it's one we're happy to be complicit in. We think people with cool stuff who want to support IYR's important cause drop their stuff off there. Then other cool people who also want to support IYR shop there and buy up the cool stuff. It's a kick-ass cycle that we indulge in as well. And as if the IYR retail stores weren't enough, we recently discovered IYR's outlet store and as-is yard, which are open to the public. The outlet/yard includes several thousand indoor and outdoor square feet of camper shells, barbecues, golf clubs, ironing boards, end tables, chairs, filing cabinets, trikes and bikes, books, clothes, shoes, lamps, dishes and more. Some of it needs a little TLC--which is maybe why it's there and not in one of the retail stores--but wandering through the yard and the warehouse is a stellar way to spend a Saturday. But be sure to leave your day wide open. Time speeds by as you're wandering between rows of recliners, or sifting through giant boxes full of baby toys. You may think you've only been there a few minutes, but it's not uncommon to get there in the morning and suddenly hear them announce they're closing. Another conspiracy? Maybe.

Second Place: Lux Fashion Lounge

Third Place: Renewal Consignment

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