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The best things in life never change and in Boise, that comes in the form of a sub sandwich from Cobby's. For decades, this unassuming shop has kept customers lining up for one of its creations. You order by the number for sandwiches that range from basic turkey and cheese or chicken salad to a more exotic capicolla genoa and cotto mortadella. Beyond expanding to four valley locations, Cobby's has also gone high-tech. Now when you're overcome by hunger, a sandwich is just a mouse-click away at Laziness has never been so rewarding. Of course, the subs are the centerpiece of the meal, but we also love a feature we've only seen at Cobby's—the all-you-can-eat chip dispenser and fruit basket. Something about a system in which individual bags of potato chips constantly emerge from a wall-mounted bracket thrills us beyond all reason. Sure, fruit is free, too, but grabbing an apple from a bowl is noothing like pulling bag after bag of chips out of their container. We're easily amused.

Second Place: Deli George

Third Place: Zeppole Baking Co.

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