Best Local Sandwich Shop


Anyone still on the fence about whether Boise has been "discovered" only needs to check out the line out the door at Bleubird on a weekday afternoon. Sure, regional papers like Willamette Week and The Seattle Times have nodded at the popular sandwich shop, but when Conde Nast Traveler calls it one of the city's best eats, people are noticing. Classic sandwiches with a twist, salads dusted with parmesan and chopped peanuts, and, of course, DK's sodas make this the hottest cold lunch in town.

2nd Place: Deli George—Every town should have an old-school deli, and Deli George is Boise's. It has all the tools: lots of different kinds of turkeys, chickens and beefs; all slathered in mayos, mustards and aolis. These are the kinds of sandwiches you'd have to unhinge your jaw to get into your mouth, so come prepared.

3rd Place: Main Street Deli—It's a deli with an attitude. Roll with the Downtowner, a turkey sandwich topped with bacon, avocado and provolone; or go big with the Spicy Saigon Banh Mi, topped with roasted pork, ground pork and turkey Saigon sauce. Chase one of its sandwiches with one of its famous Mac salads and you're square.

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