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There are a few theories concerning restaurants' salad menus. A menu should cover all manner of diners, from the mildly peckish to the famished. Or, rather, salads should include off-the-wall ingredients to pique patrons' curiosity. Conversely, a selection of salads should embrace the familiar, relying on quality ingredients to rise above the competition. Fork's salad menu manages to embrace all these theories. The B.C.S. is a standard chopped salad with buttermilk basil-pesto dressing. For the adventurous, Fork has developed Bogus Bosc, which includes Waterwheel Gardens Bosc pears, candied City Peanut Shop hazelnuts, smoked gouda and Champagne vinaigrette; and for the shaking-with-hunger fine diner, there's the Northwest Crispy Chicken Salad, which, atop the aforementioned crispy chicken, also contains cherry tomatoes, onion, dried sweet corn, roasted red bell pepper, tortilla strips, Ballard Family cheddar cheese, barbecue sauce and ranch dressing. According to Best of Boise voters, it's no mere theory that Fork's salads are sublime--it's a fact.

2nd Place: Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery,

3rd Place: Flatbread,

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