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Cafe Vicino

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A good gust of wind could have blown either Bittercreek Alehouse or Berryhill and Co. into the lead this year. Even a good solid sneeze would have pushed either one into the winner's slot. But (and say it in your best Highlander impression), there can be only one, and Cafe Vicino is what you want. Quick linguistic lesson: It's pronounced va-CHEE-no. And if you no know Vicino, you don't know nothing. Yet. We'll say this: A restaurant doesn't go from day one to best restaurant in just more than a year if it's not really, really good. We're talking seriously good here, folks. The elegant North End restaurant is petite-sized, but its Mediterranean-influenced food is anything but pint-sized on the taste Richter. Make a reservation. You'll need it.

Second Place: Bittercreek Alehouse

Third Place: Berryhill and Co.

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