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Matt Damon at the Egyptian for the premiere of the Bourne Ultimatum

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Producer Frank Marshall has an affinity for Boise and for Boise Contemporary Theater. For each of the films in the Bourne franchise, he and lead actor (and major hottie) Matt Damon have premiered the film right here in town at the Egyptian Theatre. Knowing there was no way we wouldn't be there—but desirous of an alternative to the usual coverage an event of this nature would garner—we sent crack freelancer Rachel Abrahamson to hang out on the red carpet with the rest of the press pack, knowing darn good and well she'd find a way to make her take on the events different. She did a fabulous job on her reporting, but she did us even one better. She got her pretty face up front and center in the photos and footage of several of the other media outlets. While a quote, interview and especially a photo in that other paper in town might otherwise lead to dismissal from our hallowed halls, we applauded this unplanned yet celebratory event. Oh, and having direct quotes from Damon and his mug in BW wasn't half bad either.

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