Best local radio station

The River, 94.9-FM

Readers' Picks

Boise Weekly readers have a love affair with KRVB 94.9-FM, better known as The River. Year after year, the station tops the list of what to tune into while you're cruising around in your car or just kicking back at home. Could it be that you love the fact that the station offers up some local tunes, as well as artists you won't hear anywhere else. Maybe it's the mix of artists, styles and genres that keeps you interested day after day. Maybe it's those oh-so-clever disc jockies whom you also vote to the top of the list year after year. Do we see a trend here? We think so, but we really can't argue. We love the station, too--especially since they let BW's editor hang out for a few minutes on air every Wednesday morning.

Second Place: Boise State Radio/National Public Radio, 91.5-FM in Boise

Third Place: Bob, 96.1-FM

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