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Thanks to the Internet, art is everywhere--even the Louvre is only a click away. But seeing art in person elicits an emotional reaction, one made all the more intense when the art happens in an unexpected place. Freak Alley is a continuously changing al fresco gallery on walls that border what was once an embarrassingly ugly parking lot. It's a melange of imagery reflecting Boise's iconography and imagination: Rocket ships and Native American symbols have shared space with robots and a homage to Hollywood Market's late owner Margaret Lawrence. Unlike a traditional gallery, there's no admission cost, it's open 24 hours a day and you might feel a little charge when you realize that one of the coolest pieces of art you've ever seen is a few yards away from a dumpster. From Eighth Street to Ninth Street, between Bannock and Idaho streets

Second Place: Traffic Box Murals,

Third Place: Anne Frank Statue,

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