Best Local Pizza

Flying Pie

It's impossible to tell just how many people cast their votes for Flying Pie specifically because of habanero pizza season, but it's probably a hefty percentage. During the month of August each year, habanero peppers straight from the Yucatan Peninsula grace the pies at this Boise joint, and a beacon goes out to spice-lovers from across the country who can't resist coming in for the face-melting goodness. When the season ends, equally experimental pies (at normal capsaicin levels) fill the menu until next year.

2nd Place: Guido's—If a native New Yorker were to teleport to Boise and walk into Guidos, they'd feel like they never left home. This old-style pizzeria serves up mammoth thin crust pies cut into head-sized slices that are best eaten folded in half with grease dripping down the chin.

3rd Place: Idaho Pizza Co.—What's the Idaho Pizza Co. secret? Well, it might be that it sources its key ingredients—flour and cheese—in state, giving every slice a pop of homegrown flavor.

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