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There are a lot of amazing patios in Boise, but few of them hold a candle to the tropical hut-inspired rooftop seating at Reef. Boiseans can't just up and go to Tahiti for sea breezes and sunsets, but for years they've been getting the next best thing at Reef, where they can chow on surf and turf in an environment as close to the tropics as it gets in the Treasure Valley. On its rooftop patio, sip drinks at the thatched-roof bar or take in the sunset by the bamboo fence that guards you from the street. It's the closest thing to the beach as you can get without catching a red-eye flight.

2nd Place: Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery—It takes a lot of floor space to distill liquor, but the square footage of Bardenay's Boise location has another advantage: ample space out front for one of downtown's most expansive, attractive patios. Opening onto both the tree-lined, cobblestoned district and Bardenay's own cavernous interior, it's the best of both worlds.

3rd Place: Bittercreek Alehouse—Since it opened, Bittercreek Alehouse has been one of Boise's primo places to see and be seen. The food is excellent and the service has been ranked the best in town (See Best Local Service), but its birdcage patio sets it apart. People go to Bittercreek for the food, but they stay for the patio.

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