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Two things we learned about BW readers and Bardenay: No. 1, no one seems to actually know how to spell the name of the signature distillery/restaurant. No. 2, you love sitting on the patio, and we have to agree. The only question is, do you choose the people-watching, urban-oasis of the downtown Boise location, or do you chill at the sprawling riverside venue in Eagle? Either way, you can't go wrong. In the mood to feel the city vibe? Grab a shaded bench seat on the Basque Block, sip one of the signature drinks with house-made hooch and watch the world walk by. Need to get away from it all? Lean back in a metal mesh chair beneath the pergola strung with twinkling lights, the same signature drink in your hand, and watch anglers cast a line in the Boise River as you peruse the dinner menu. Really, we can't see a downside to either option.

Second Place: Tie: Bittercreek Ale house and Cottonwood Grille

Third Place: Reef

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