Best Local Outfitter 2014

Cascade Raft and Kayak

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Hey, here's a river guide joke: How many river guides does it take to change a light bulb? Three. One to change the light bulb and two to brag about how big the hole was. Heyo! But really, it's safe to say that Cascade Raft and Kayak has dominated this corner of the market. For the family-owned raft guide service, family includes its staff of 40 river guides and support crew to folks enjoying a day on the river. CRK offers everything from low-stress half-day trips down the Main to intense runs through Class IV sections of the South Fork of the Payette. The company also offers kayaking classes and roll sessions at the YMCA pools. Here's another one: How do you know a river guide is in the room? Don't worry, he'll tell ya!

2nd Place: Idaho Mountain Touring,

3rd Place: Backcountry Pursuit,

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