Best Local Nursery or Gardening Store

Edwards Greenhouse

For coming up on 90 years, Edward's Greenhouse grown alongside Boise—literally. What started as a truck farm has expanded into a full-service operation that offers everything from fruits and vegetables to succulents, annuals and trees; garden art; tools; and every other piece of equipment or product you'd need to build the perfect garden.

2nd Place: Zamzows—Thanks to some of the catchiest, most effective marketing in the Treasure Valley, it's a commonly held fact that, "Nobody knows like Zamzows." We'll chalk one up for truth in advertising there. From lawn programs to pond supplies, pets and pet care items, and a full complement of yard and garden products, nobody grows like Zamzows, either.

3rd Place: North End Organic Nursery—No matter North End Organic Nursery pulled up stakes and moved to Garden City, it's still beloved by Boise's greenthumbs. With an emphasis on sustainability and education, NEON is a champion for the Tomato Independence Project and hosts numerous classes. It provides food for your pantry, but also food for thought.

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