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You can get it first thing in the morning. You can get your fix at noon, 5 p.m., 6 p.m. and 10 p.m., and if you haven't had enough, you can have it all darn day long. The news folks, we're talking about the news. For true news junkies, there's no competing with the local NBC affiliate. How do they do it? Divide and conquer. First, they've got the original KTVB, offering newscasts morning, noon and night in between national programming. They even throw in a couple of locally grown news commentary shows to keep things lively. KTVB also expanded their role in the digital broadcast world with 24/7, a sort of sub-station offering 24-hour-a-day news and the occasional Boise State football game replay. Of course, not all of us can spend all day, every day with our eyeballs glued to the boob tube. For the working populace, there's, the station's Web site, offering access to breaking news. Best of Boise voters continually rank Channel 7 No. 1 when it comes to news, and it doesn't look like KTVB has any plans to relinquish its crown.

Second Place: Boise Weekly

Third Place: KBSX 91.5 FM/National Public Radio

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