Best Local Musician

Rebecca Scott

Rebecca Scott won Best Local Musician. In other news, the sun came up today. We aren't being glib—both are expected to happen and both are worth celebrating every time they do. Scott's name is a familiar one in this poll: For the six years Best Singer was a BOB category, Scott was voted No. 1 every year. To reiterate: Every. Year. That says something about how much her fans love her, but it also speaks to her talent—and Scott is Talented with a capital T. Her bright, warm voice and skilled guitar playing are as strong and good as ever.

2nd Place: Steve Fulton—One way or another, Steve Fulton has had a hand in a lot of great Idaho music. His former bands, The Hi-Tops and House of Hoi Polloi, were hugely popular in their respective heydays and have fans for whom the music continues to be a big part of their lives. Fulton has worked with countless artists at his Audio Lab Recording Studios, where he serves as producer, engineer, studio musician, sage, friend, etc. He often plays under the moniker SFM (Steve Fulton Music) and is still going strong: His 2016 double album Eponym (self-released) showed him handling reggae, rock and Americana with equal ease, and was the bestselling album of the year at Record Exchange.

3rd Place: Thomas Paul—Thomas Paul obviously has a good sense of humor. Really, you gotta admire the cheek of a guy who puts out an album of instrumentals called Singalongs (self-released, 2016). From his weekly Radio Boise program, it's clear he's also quick-witted and socially engaged. Oh, yeah, we should also mention Paul's astonishing skills as a singer, songwriter, musician and arranger. Those probably helped get him on this list, too.

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