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The Flicks

The upside for cinephiles is there are who-know-how-many options for live streaming movies in the comfort of your living room. The downside is there are who-knows-how-many options for live streaming movies in the comfort of your living room. In other words, it's way too easy to spend almost as much time looking for something to watch as you would watching it. The Flicks is Boise's art house cinema, and makes it its business to select the best films from around the world. You can also grab a nosh at Rick's Cafe Americain or, if you're still into that whole comfort-of-your-living-room thing, peruse the collection of rentals.

2nd Place: The Egyptian Theatre—There was a time when movie theaters were called "palaces." Relive those glory days at The Egyptian, where you can enjoy cinema surrounded by the kind of gilded opulence that once befit the silver screen.

3rd Place: Parma Motor-Vu—If you were born before the mid-'70s, you probably never got to watch a flick from the backseat of the family car. Lucky for you, one of the last drive-in theaters around is located in Parma. The Parma Motor-Vu has it all: classic concessions like chili dogs and cheeseburgers, popcorn (from the drive-in's original 1953 machine) and, of course, an outdoor screen on which you can watch first-run blockbusters and even catch a Broncos game.

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