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The tickets are printed on receipt paper and the ushers barely glance at them before nodding a go-ahead into the shoebox theater. It's as though The Flicks is a gateway to an alternate universe where cinemas more closely resemble used book stores than the popcorn-riddled cinemax where you gaped at The Avengers. But that is, in part, why Boiseans have had a lasting love affair with The Flicks. It is the only place in town that shows smaller-release and arthouse films, it is a more intimate place to go see a movie. It's also the only place in the state of Idaho where you can drink beer and wine while watching a subtitled German noir film. Or it's the only place in the state of Idaho where you can watch a weird foreign flick while you have a brew. Either way, it works.

2nd Place: The Egyptian Theatre,

3rd Place: Overland Park Cinema,

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